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My name is Ian.

At Grubhub, I work hard to help users collaborate more efficiently and securely.

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At home, I do stuff on the computer.

Latest blogs

Eight Days on the Eight Sleep Pod

It’s a fancy mattress that can cool itself down, wake you up gently, and see how you breathe. Neat. This is what it’s like.

Taking a look at Hey

Hey! There’s a hot new up-and-comer to the stagnant, atrophied email space! I follow the creators of Basecamp - David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried - on Twitter, and a few months ago I saw they were launching an email service in the summer. I had been using Gmail...

Latest tutorials

Connecting a portable washing machine to a shower head

If you’ve ever lived in a third floor walkup with ice-covered stairs in the long chicago winter, this might be for you.

Help prevent Google Docs phishing with one filter

TL;DR Don't click links in email messages, especially not requests to share a Drive file What’s the phishing risk of Docs? If you use Google Docs and Gmail, you may have seen an email like this before:This is a very dangerous email for a few reasons: You only see the...

Building an employee performance tracking app with AppMaker

AppMaker is being deprecated. For an alternative, try AppSheet or Glide. Summary Google’s App Maker is a new tool to rapidly and easily build apps on Google’s App Script platform. It provides an easy way to design web-based UIs, with many built-in components like...