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Two years of health tech

I've been trying to lose weight and become healthier for several years. In that time, health tech has taken off with a barrage of gadgets and services that promise they can help you eat right, work out better, and get unprecedented insights into your body's functions....

Eight Days on the Eight Sleep Pod

It’s a fancy mattress that can cool itself down, wake you up gently, and see how you breathe. Neat. This is what it’s like.

Latest tutorials

Connecting a portable washing machine to a shower head

If you’ve ever lived in a third floor walkup with ice-covered stairs in the long chicago winter, this might be for you.

Help prevent Google Docs phishing with one filter

TL;DR Don't click links in email messages, especially not requests to share a Drive file What’s the phishing risk of Docs? If you use Google Docs and Gmail, you may have seen an email like this before:This is a very dangerous email for a few reasons: You only see the...

Building an employee performance tracking app with AppMaker

AppMaker is being deprecated. For an alternative, try AppSheet or Glide. Summary Google’s App Maker is a new tool to rapidly and easily build apps on Google’s App Script platform. It provides an easy way to design web-based UIs, with many built-in components like...