Connecting a portable washing machine to a shower head

I recently bought a portable washing machine as I live on a 3rd-floor walkup with unreliable laundry service in the basement. The one snag I hit was that nearly all portable washing machines assume connection to a sink. I didn’t have a sink handy, but I did have a shower head, and I was convinced there was a way to do this.

Quite a bit of internet searching showed other people had done it, but nobody had posted the list of parts you needed to do this. Thanks to two hours in a Home Depot and several helpful employees, here are the things you need to buy from Home Depot:

Here’s the finished product

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  1. Gabby Smith Avatar
    Gabby Smith

    Just used this! Thanks!

  2. Super helpful! For anyone else trying to do this I skipped the coupling and went straight to a 1/2” FIP to 3/4” MHT adapter (same section at Home Depot). I also purchased a 2-way diverter instead of 3-way as I just have a normal shower head and no handheld.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

  3. Iliana Quintanilla Avatar
    Iliana Quintanilla

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this while already having a handheld shower head. I need a diverter and the fittings to make sure that the hose fits the male thread on the diverter. I’m giving myself a headache because many of these are made for traditional shower heads, not handheld.

    1. you mean you’re struggling to find a diverter that goes in between the shower pipe and the shower head hose?

  4. Thanks for this! I followed your directions to a T, but still needed an additional part in order to be able to take the washer in and out of our bathroom as I need to do. In order to do so, I needed to get a 3/4 in quick connect adapter so that I can easily connect & disconnect the washer hose from the shower hookup. I also wish I would have seen the other comment regarding skipping the coupling with a different adapter, but either way my set up now works.

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